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Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine is a complete holistic and functional medical system that has been in continuous use for thousands of years to naturally maintain health and vitality. In theory and practice, Traditional Oriental Medicine, which includes acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, and holistic lifestyle counseling, excels at being able to identify and treat conditions of overall poor health long before they become full blown states of disease. Preserving health and improving quality of life by warding off disease before it begins has long been the preferred method of treatment in Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine.

For thousands of years, Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine has helped millions of people naturally tuneup their health, support wellbeing, and improve the overall quality of life. Make an appointment today to discover how Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine can help you do the same.

Is Your Body's Check Engine Light On?

angry adult woman 1Serious health problems often begin with common symptoms such as stress, anxiety, headaches, low energy, depression, insomnia, or pain. While these may seem like small issues, most often they are important signals letting us know something is not right. Just like ignoring your vehicle's "check engine" light will decrease the performance of your car or truck and possibly damage its engine or transmission, ignoring common symptoms will often set the foundation for more serious illnesses to take a foothold in the future.

Regularly scheduled acupuncture treatments helps keep your mind and body balanced and functioning at peak performance, and helps find and fix small problems before they become big ones.

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