One of the most common questions I often get asked by new clients is what to expect during treatment. Because my approach is very different than what most people are used to, even different from most other chiropractors, naturopaths, or acupuncturists, I decided to put together a brief summary of what you can expect during your initial and ongoing visits with me.

  • First you'll need to contact me to set up an appointment. There will be paperwork you'll need to fill out prior to your first visit. I can send it to you or you can fill it out by arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

  • At your First Visit, I will interview you and discuss your reason for seeking my help, including learning more about your health and medical history. I then will examine you. If I think I can help I will let you know how and I will provide you with a plan, including how many treatments I think may help.

    If acupuncture is recommended it will be provided the same day. If not, I will provide self-help information, make a recommendation for a Case Review (see below), or make a referral to another practitioner instead.


    sliding scale

    To be accessible to more people and help produce better results, I operate on a sliding fee scale structure. This means you choose to pay an amount on my fee scale that you can comfortably commit to paying:

    $55 — $88 per visit

    If acupuncture is recommended, I will give you an idea of how many treatments I think may help, and ask you to choose an amount on my sliding fee scale that you can comfortably commit to paying for the total number of treatments recommended.

    Please note that all nutritional and herbal medicine supplements are sold separately.

    For more information about fees and payment please call (818) 768-2418, or send message.


    I am an out-of-network provider for most major health insurance plans that offer acupuncture benefits. However most common insurance plans with acupuncture coverage generally place several limitations on receiving reimbursement for acupuncture treatment, including having a required diagnosis, meeting a minimum deductible, having a doctor referral, etc. Also, most of these plans make it very difficult for providers to collect reimbursement in a reasonable and timely manner.

    For these reasons, I rarely will accept insurance directly on a client's behalf.

    More commonly, most people interested in using their insurance will be issued instructions for beginning the claims process directly with their provider using a medical invoice called a "superbill". "Superbills" are commonly used throughout the healthcare insurance industry. These documents itemize the fees a patient pays out-of-pocket for medical services so that they can submit a claim for reimbursement directly to their insurance provider. Based on the terms of their contract with their insurance company, reimbursement is made directly to the patient.

    To verify your insurance or for more information about using your insurance with my office, please connect.

    The goal of the First Acupuncture Treatment and Consultation is to address the underlying cause of the problem and provide you with some level of immediate relief. This generally includes an abbreviated massage to help us find and locate tight, tender, or painful areas around your body.

    I will also provide diet and lifestyle consultation, and make any recommendations for herbal or nutritional supplements as necessary.

    After the first treatment, most people feel relaxed and there will be an immediate change in their symptoms. For some the change will be very dramatic. However more commonly the changes will be minor or subtle.

    Upon leaving, you will be asked to schedule your follow-up appointment and be given any supporting self-help information, including diet and lifestyle guidelines, and instructions for taking nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs.

  • Frequency and the total number of treatments are generally set up following your first treatment. However this can be changed as needed throughout your course of treatment. At each visit clients are encouraged to follow all self-help information, including adopting diet and lifestyle guidelines, and supplementing with nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs as indicated.

  • Some people with complex or longstanding health conditions may require a more involved evaluation and treatment to get to the root of the problem. In these instances, clients will be referred to a Case Review which involves an in-depth research, analysis and review of your condition, including reviewing relevant lab testing, and comprehensive consultation for dietary and lifestyle modifcation, including the use of supplements (CLICK HERE for more info).

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