Alleviate Stress, Pain, Allergies, & More With Acupuncture (Gan Zhen or "Dry Needling") Therapy- Studio City & Toluca Lake CA

Acupuncture, or gan zhen ("dry needling"), is one of the oldest and most commonly used therapies in the modern world. Dr. Rene uses both traditional and modern acupuncture concepts and practices to help naturally alleviate some of the most common nagging symptoms and unresolved poor health conditions.

Acupuncture works by stimulating your own innate natural healing processes to assist your body in adapting to whatever is going on. Its goal is to promote natural healing by improving your body's system-wide response to various signs and symptoms.

Depending on your healthcare needs and goals, Dr. Rene creates personalized pain management, stress management, allergy relief, health maintenance, or wellness programs with acupuncture that are customized and made to order, just for you.

Clients who undergo regular acupuncture generally report feeling less stressed, well-rested, improved mental acuity, diminished pain, improved bodily functions, improved immunity, and an overall improvement in quality of life.

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