five elements fullAfter this Summer's exubrant energy, the Autumnal season willl provide the energetics for many unexpected and sucessive rapid changes. On the surface, some of these may immediately appear negative or bad. But in reality, change is neither bad nor good. Change is simply constant and serves to help us experience life on deeper levels. Be willing to open your heart to your situation and go with the flow instead.

This Autumn, pay close attention to also let things go that no longer serve you. There's no better time in 2018 than now to go through your belongings and take an inventory of things that you are holding on to that no longer serve an immediate need. Clear out any seldom used items and give them away or sell them. Doing so will help release any ruminating thoughts and suppressed anger and fear that have become burdernsome and are preventing you from changing with the times.

But it's not only a great time to let go of things in our external world, but also internally too. Holding on to lingering sadness and depression can lead to problems with constipation and sleep, and upper respiratory conditions. This Autumn is a great time to begin a detox program and clear out some of these impurities from the body and mind.

Introspection will come easily this Autumn, making it an especially great time to cultivate your mediation practice or start a new one. Allow yourself to explore and learn new things about your true inner self. But be sure to not let ruminating thoughts and lingering fear guide your journey for this will only hold you in the same mindset that keeps your true self locked in. The rapidly contracting energy of this Autumn will bring many long-desired changes if you open your heart to yourself.


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