There are many different acupuncturists and other natural health practitioners you can choose from to help you on your journery. I am a firm believer that everyone will need different types of help from different types of people at various points in their life. I don't claim to be able to solve everyone's problems. But for those people that seek my help, I will do whatever I can to help out in any way I can.

So as you search for the right person to help you at this point in your life, I want you to know what makes receiving treatment with me different than other acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, doctors, etc.

The easiest way for me to summarize this would be to describe what a typical visit with me does not involve:

  • No Sales Pitch

    Sorry but if you're used to getting a "sale's pitch" about how great acupuncture is and how it can help everything, or how great of a practitioner I am, I won't have one for you. If I think I can help you, I will do what I can to help out in the best way I see fit. But if not, I will also let you know that and try and point you in the right direction, often by redirecting you to self-help information or referring you to another practitioner. And if I am not sure I can help or not, I will also let you know.

    The point is, if I don't think I can help you, I'll let you know immediately and not waste your time or money.

  • No Recommendations for Endless Office Visits

    Unlike other chiropractors and acupuncturists, I will never lead you down an endless rabbit-hole of office visits with the promise that the only way to fix your problem is by coming in for more visits.

    Unless you relay to me specific needs and health goals, I will never give you a recommendation for visits to see me three times a week for 10 weeks, twice a week for 4 weeks, or once a week for several months, etc.

    I will also never recommend acupuncture "maintenance" visits for the rest of your life.

    Don't get me wrong, just like maintaining your car, house, or teeth are extremely important, I think some degree of maintenance has tremendous value. I for one have been getting monthly acupuncture treatments for over 20 years! The problem is that most people have the definition of "maintenance" completely backwards.

    To me, maintenance means taking care of your health before you have visible or detectable signs and symptoms or a concerning health problem. Unfortunately, by the time most people seek my help, "maintenance" is frequently not really maintenance at all because it's the only thing that can help control symptoms such as pain.

    I understand that there are some cases where that's all that can really be done. But my goal is to get to the bottom of your poor health condition and help you heal, not manage your illness. I'll strive to help you get to a place where you can maintain continual balanced health. But once you get there I leave it up to you to decide if maintaining it includes regular acupuncture treatments.

  • No Upselling Packages or Supplements

    I also won't try to convince you to make an appointment or purchase a bundle of mulitple office visits at a discounted price.

    If you like what I do and feel like it helps, I'm happy to be able to continue to help! My prices are reasonable and affordable, especially considering the amount of personalized attention and care you receive in return without being pressured into a long cycle of treatments.

    Book out as many appointments as you like, if and when you want to come back. But if you don't, that's okay too. I don't claim to be able to help everyone nor solve everyone's problems.

    And even though I do provide my clients access to doctor-grade herbal remedies and nutritional supplements, I will never recommend these unless I think they can help. Still, you are never pressured to buy them from me.

If you feel like this describes the type of practitioner to help you at this juncture in your health and life, then please contact me and I will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you and help out in any way that I can.

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