Within 24-48 hours after a mental-emotional stress reaction, major physical symptoms can and do occur. Acupuncture can help ease this response and return balance to both the mind and body.

A Hong Kong study has found that qigong, a meditation and exercise treatment protocol commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, can naturally reduce the symptoms of fatigue and depression.

Being healthy begins with the right state of mind. Eating right is also important, and some exercise is too. But if your mind is not in the right place, the right diet and daily exercise will be short-sighted and short-lived. Here is some practical advise for getting into the right state of mind to change your health and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

woman heart tummyHaving good bowel health is arguably the single most important thing you can do to maintain your overall physical wellbeing. Obviously having good bowel health is one of the main ways to nourish the body and remove toxins. It also is a main way the body makes hormones and wards off disease. But new research shows that not only does the gut influence how we digest and abosrb nutrients, eliminate toxins, produce hormones, and fight infections, it also plays a very big role in our behavior and mood, including influencing sleep.

woman sleepingGetting restful sleep may seem like an impossible dream in our non-stop, go-faster, and do more world. But getting good sleep consistently is under your control more than you think, and it doesn't always require having to take harsh chemicals. A much safer and natural approach, with potential for longer lasting effects, involves having good "sleep hygiene". This may sound far-fetched and undoable when you're exhuasted and wide awake in the middle of the night or early in the morning. But with some lifestyle changes and a bit of discipline, adopting some of these simple guidelines can help make good sleep a nightly reality.


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