angry adult womanEmotional wellbeing is a fundamental part of health in acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine. In this system a balanced emotional life, one where we don't get overcharged emotionally for long periods of time, is credited as the most important component in warding off disease. Long before physical tissue damage can be detected using laboratory testing, unchecked negative emotions, known as Internal Demons, begin establishing the correct internal environment for disease to flourish later on in life.

angelica sinensisRadix Angelica Sinensis, commonly known as Angelica root, is one of the more well known and widely used herbs in the world. It is considered part of the superior class of herbs and is found in many classical Chinese tonic herbal formulas that tonify or strengthen the blood and invigorate its circulation to moisturize, repair, and nourish the body. For at least 20 centuries, it has been used in the treatment of a wide variety of blood-related ailments, particularly anemia. And because it has been found to be especially useful in gynecological conditions, it has garnered the moniker "The Female Ginseng". 

cauliflowerCauliflower is well known for possessing high levels of vitamin C and minerals that provide many health benefits, including reducing pain and inflammation, decreasing risk for heart disease and cancer, improving digestion, aiding detoxification, lowering weight, and balancing the hormones. When combined with the medicinal benefits of curry (turmeric), the healing powers of cauliflower are enhanced to create a super healing food that also protects the immune system.

Being healthy begins with the right state of mind. Eating right is also important, and some exercise is too. But if your mind is not in the right place, the right diet and daily exercise will be short-sighted and short-lived. Here is some practical advise for getting into the right state of mind to change your health and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


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