Kombucha Tea has become one of the most popular health drinks of the last decade. Learn more about this ancient Chinese medicine drink and how to get the most out of its various health benefits during Autumn.

In this Autumn 2021 update, learn more about the top 3 herbal formulas being used by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors worldwide in the battle against COVID-19 symptoms.

Watch the special report from ABC10 News San Diego about researchers at the University of California gaining FDA approval to begin the first clinical trials of the use of mushrooms and other Chinese herbs in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

Delta brain waves are the most mysterious and least understood of the patterns of electrical brain activity. Here are eight of the most important things to know about them and how they impact your health and wellbeing.

Accounting for a whopping 8% of DNA in human cells, retroviruses are an important part of the human species. Now these cell hijackers are being exploited within an emerging frontier in biomedical science called precision medicine.


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