Yoga Suchi-Bhaden is a a unique 90 minute healing session that blends the best of yoga and acupuncture for the ultimate healing experience.

Basic Overview

Yoga Suchi-Bhaden involves a basic flow or kundalini class designed to awaken and circulate your body's energy. At the end of the yoga class, you will be assisted in getting into a basic long-held pose such as shavasana (corpse pose), sukhasana (easy pose), ardha padmasana (half lotus pose), padmasana (full lotus pose), etc, so you can lie or sit comfortably for at least 20 minutes. Dr. Rene will then insert acupuncture needles using a specific Esoteric Acupuncture New Encoding pattern to assist with awakening and centering your energy flow, invigorating the mind, relaxing the body, and entering a deep and restorative, long meditation.


  • Yoga Suchi Bhaden: Awakening the Third Eye- 30 minute kundalini yoga class + Extended Indigo Triangle Pattern
    • Experience with kundalini yoga, Yoga Suchi Bhaden: Basic/Intermediate, acupuncture, or meditation is recommended but not required
  • Yoga Suchi Bhaden: Strengthening and Aligning the Heart Chakra- 30 minute kundalini yoga class + Cube on Cube Acupuncture Pattern
    • Experience with kundalini yoga, Yoga Suchi Bhaden: Awakening the Crown Chakra/ Awakening the Third Eye, and meditation required

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Yoga Suchi Bhaden


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(the following are excerpts from the upcoming book, "Yoga Suchi Bhaden: Stretch, Unblock, Balance, & Awaken, Volume I", by Dr. Rene Rodriguez, PhD, LAc)

Introduction to Yoga Suchi Bhaden

Yoga Suchi Bhaden is an evolving powerful healing technique that you can use to help become awakened and promote wellness in your life. Most people often say they have healed because they have changed some level of physical, emotional, and mental stress to what they feel or is deemed more “normal”. But true healing cannot be measured in terms of the number of major surgeries we have have had, nor medications and therapy being used to effectuate this change, nor whether or not we suffer from obvious signs and symptoms. Rather, true healing involves moving or shifting from one level of existence to a more desirable state, or from one state of consciousness to a healthier and expanded state of consciousness. True healing means we must shift our attention away from merely treating diseases, medical problems, and noticeable signs and symptoms, to focus on prevention and wellness of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Wellness requires that we become attuned to and expand consciousness to realize the magnificent healing quality within consciousness and how it is connected to our various planes of existence.

Yoga Suchi Bhaden is a system of healing that integrates aspects of yoga and Ayurveda with acupuncture to assist with becoming attuned to and expanding consciousness and awareness to achieve wellness. Everyone in the world is currently part of the process of the rapidly expanding consciousness of humanity. All around the world, many people are now or will soon be seeking spiritual awakening and deeper unification with the spirit of Universe. This involves becoming more aware of oneself and discerning our puzzle piece- our Inner Heart Path- so we can make changes that will be most beneficial on our life’s journey, reach new levels of connectedness with others, and assist in uplifting humanity to a higher level of consciousness and wellness. Yoga Suchi Bhaden provides the basic foundations of a method for safely and effectively beginning or deepening connection with the spirit of Universe at an accelerated pace to match the requirements of our rapidly expanding global consciousness and assist with anchoring wellness into our daily lives.

Defining Yoga Suchi Bhaden

The term Yoga Suchi Bhaden combines the Sanskrit words yoga, suchi, and bhaden. Here, yoga refers to the various forms and steps that lead to the goal of enlightenment and self-realization known as nirvana or samadhi, or simply put, consciousness. In Hindu, suchi means “needle”, bhaden means “puncture”, and when used together become the healing art of “needle-puncture”, or simply “acupuncture”. When combined as a total concept, Yoga Suchi-Bhaden broadly means using yoga with acupuncture as a means that leads to the goal of consciousness and wellness.


Yoga Suchi Bhaden was conceived by Dr. Rodriguez in the Autumn of 2008 with the intent to assist those that are interested in working with expanding consciousness to promote wellness in their life. Yoga Suchi Bhaden was chosen to explain the foundation of this work, which integrates aspects of yoga and Ayurveda with traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, and other newer concepts, as presented by Dr. Mikio Sankey, PhD, LAc, in the Esoteric Acupuncture teachings. Esoteric Acupuncture is an emerging system of healing that has been refined and continues evolving through the ongoing research and practice of Dr. Sankey over the last thirty-five years. Dr. Rodriguez, PhD, LAc, has been following the teachings of Esoteric Acupuncture for over fifteen years, and is certified as a practitioner and teacher of Esoteric Acupuncture by Dr. Sankey.

Esoteric Acupuncture, in and of itself, is a healing system within the scope of Traditional Asian Medicine. Traditional Asian Medicine is a modern term used to describe the various traditional and modern naturopathic health care systems and practices that have emerged from the vast body of the medical knowledge of ancient Asia and have been in continuous use for thousands of years. This includes the well known complete medical systems of ancient China (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and ancient India (Ayurvedic Medicine), as well as the various forms of acupuncture, nutritional therapy, herbology, meditation, fitness and exercise practices, and other therapeutic modalities these systems have influenced or produced. Over thousands of years, this knowledge has extended across the Asian region and beyond, first becoming independently acculturated and assimilated into the health care practices of India, Tibet, and China, then in surrounding countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. More recently, it has migrated to Europe, North America, Australia, and South America, evolving and becoming an integral part of modern health care systems globally. As a result, a variety of unique natural medicine healing systems and modern therapeutic techniques and practices rooted in this ancient knowledge can be found all over the world.

Emerging from within Traditional Asian Medicine, Yoga Suchi Bhaden focuses on the use of yoga practices with Esoteric Acupuncture theory and other supporting concepts and modalities that are fundamentally organized for prevention and wellness. In essence, Yoga Suchi Bhaden is an extension of and supplement to Esoteric Acupuncture. Accordingly, similar to Esoteric Acupuncture, treatment using Yoga Suchi Bhaden does not focus on treating disease or imbalances, nor does it specifically include the use of herbs, vitamins, or other natural supplements to treat illness and health concerns. However the use of sound nutrition and natural supplements is strongly encouraged to detoxify, tonify, and strengthen the mind and physical body to support and maximize effects of treatment.

Benefits & Use

The well-established therapeutic value of acupuncture in alleviating pain and inflammation, and strengthening the immune system, are obvious benefits of the use of acupuncture in Yoga Suchi Bhaden in preventing disease and promoting wellness. However Yoga Suchi Bhaden is not specifically designed to treat pain and inflammation, or any disorders or disease. In Yoga Suchi Bhaden, the preventive and wellness promoting aspects of acupuncture, specifically as presented in the Esoteric Acupuncture teachings, are incorporated with aspects of yoga and Ayurveda practices to deliver an advanced and accelerated method for preparing and supporting the physical vehicle and the mind for the higher levels of consiousness and healing.

At the basic levels, Yoga Suchi Bhaden uses asanas and meditation coupled with acupuncture and nutrition to begin and support the process of purifying the mind and physical body, and awakening, balancing, and centering related subtle energy fields. While at this level, Yoga Suchi Bhaden may help with pain, inflammation, and other unresolved symptoms and diseases, this is not the main goal and purpose. And yet, if you are only able to practice at this level, you can significantly improve health and wellness in your life.

In the advanced levels, Yoga Suchi Bhaden extends the same practices and principles from the basic levels to more advanced. But at these higher levels the focus is placed more on aligning, balancing, and strengthening the chakras to assist with the natural smooth rising of kundalini, and the unlocking of the higher pathways of consciousness and healing.