Person receiving acupuncture.With a long history of traditional use as a preventive medicine, acupuncture continues to be an exceptional option for staying balanced and healthy in today’s fast-paced modern world. Recent research indicates that the pain-relieving effects caused by needling acupuncture points are initiated through a series of reactions that in turn release biochemicals that block pain and activate the immune system. Evidence proposes that this activation of the immune system may explain not only the mechanism behind acupuncture's pain-reducing effects, but also its wide diverse therapeutic effects in regulating stress and other inflammatory conditions and chronic disorders now linked to inflammation. By activating the immune system and trigerring an inflammatory response, acupuncture may be used to help improve your body’s natural response and adaptation to mental and physical stress, harmful pathogenic micro-organisms, and cellular waste, while also reducing pain and other related symptoms.

To put it in traditional Chinese medicine terms, acupuncture aims to balance your body's vital substances, internal organs, and psychobiological processes so that you can maintain optimal functional health and better respond and adapt to your surrounding natural environment. Just like taking your car in for regularly scheduled tune-ups extends the life of your engine and saves you from the inconvenience of breakdowns and repairs, receiving regular acupuncture helps revitalize the performance of your overall well-being and keep your various body's systems in balance.


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